Zong Free Internet Code (6000 MB Data Free)

Zong Free Internet VPN Settings Download 2023

2023, a new free internet method works well on all Zong SIM cards. I just needed to install HTTP Injector apk to use Zong free internet via VPN. After using and installing the VPN, download its settings.

Zong FREE VPN Settings & Files 2023

Zong Free VPN files and settings expired in 1-3 weeks, you can find all free files here and you can get updates easily on this page. It is very important to install and download its settings. You can download its settings on this page at the end of the post.

After using and saving these settings without any package and balance, you will be able to use Zong free unlimited internet with speed over 4Mbps. These settings are only valid for android users.

Zong free internet 2023 6GB for 30 days. There are many people who use this method and get 6GB of free internet on Zong every month. You will never need to recharge your balance to activate this offer. As you know Zong is the first Pakistani 4G network to successfully test 5G video calls from Zong main in Islamabad to Chinese call center.

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Zong Free Internet Code 2023

  • Dial *2222# and get Free 4000MB
  • Send SMS “Free” to “2222” and get Free 4GB Mobile Data
  • Install My Zong App to get 6000MB
  • Dial *191# to receive FREE Internet MB on Zong.

How to get Zong free 6000MB for 30 Days

Zong is a Chinese telecom company and their internet packages are very cheap. Zong has an app called My Zong App and you can download this app on your mobile phone. If you have not used the My Zong app, this offer is just for you. Zong offers free 4G 6GB internet for 30 days. When you use the My Zong app for the first time, you will get 6GB of free internet for one month.

Zong Free Internet Offer 2023

Offer Name Data Activation Price
My Zong App Free 6000MB Use My Zong App Free

Zong free 6GB Internet

  • Download My Zong App for Android & iPhone
  • or Find the “My Zong App” in Play Store
  • Install it and open the app
  • select Your Primary language
  • Enter your Zong number
  • You will receive a pin on your provided number
  • Enter the received pin in App
  • Now, Set your Profile otherwise Skip
  • You will receive free 6GB Internet

From My Zong app, you can get more benefits like; You can claim your free daily megabytes, you can see your remaining megabytes, minutes, text messages and you can activate your favorite offers. Zong always offers low price packages and deals to its customers.


When you activate your My Zong App accounts, you will get 6GB free internet 200MB per day. Zong will give you 200MB per day for the last 30 days. You can’t get 6000 megabytes at once. Other companies also offer free megabytes per day similarly,

Zong offers this offer. Now, you can get a free daily bonus of up to 1GB of mobile data for free from the My Zong app. So download and install this app and get more benefits. I hope this post helps you to get free megabytes.

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