Telenor Free Internet Codes & Tricks 2023

Many people look for free Telenor internet codes on the internet. In this article we will provide a step by process instructions as well as Telenor Internet codes for free. If you are looking to access free internet from Telenor, then this post will be helpful to you. Today we will talk about the you can use the free unlimited 3G and 4G updates are a part of the Telenor network.

Today, we will go over some tips to make the most of the no-cost Telenor unlimited internet offers. We will look at some codes that you can use to dial your Telenor sim to use the Telenor internet at no cost. Recently, we’ve discussed Telenor internet plans. You can read in that article.

Telenor Free Internet Codes 2023

These are Telenor Internet codes for free 22 that are available for no cost internet:

  • To access internet for free for the duration of a week, dial *888#.
  • To get the free Telenor unlimited offer, dial *345*75#. You could also try *345*88#.
  • Get free 500MBs of internet with a validity of 10 days. Dial *5*700#.
  • If you’re looking to avail 2Gb of internet, don’t be worried simply dial *345*1004#, or *345*477# and 2GB of free internet will be added into your bank account.
  • To take advantage of the free Facebook or WhatsApp offers, just dial *331#, *311# or *5*325# or accept the 1GB of internet that is free only for WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • To avail the free Telenor Net offer, make a call to *345*7777#or *345*991#or *345*818#.
  • Try the code *991#or *345*546#.

Telenor’s free internet proxy 2202

In this article, we will explain the process by which you’ll learn to make use of a proxy that is free to get the internet for free.

  • To do this first you must first download your copy of the UCdownloader.
  • After that , make your proxy settings according to the guidelines.
  • APN: Internet
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80

After setting the proxy, it opens your UC browser, and you can enjoy the internet for free.

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the free internet app from Telenor

This is a fantastic method for Telenor customers. To availthis offer, can be found on the Play store to download My Telenor application. First, once you have downloaded the app , you’ll receive 1GB of internet for free.

To get more internet access through this offer, you must first erase all information from this application. When you open the app, you will see two options pop up on the screen. You can click on the option to become a Telenor customer.customer so that you’ll get free Telenor net . You can also enjoy internet for free using Telenor.

Internet free of Telenor VPN 22023

This is an easy way to allow Telenor customers to receive an offer for free internet making use of the VPN.

To accomplish this these steps are employed.

  • Visit your Play Store.
  • Download the Sky Vpn app from your Google Play store.
  • Once you have opened the VPN application, you will be able to select the United States.
  • You’ll be able to benefit from the internet free offer through Telenor.

Telenor’s free internet with easypaisa

To get this trick it is all you need to do is visit your local Play Store.

  • Download the paisa application for free from the Play store.
  • After installing this app, you’ll receive 100 rupees in exchange for an account that is easy to use with paisa.
  • You can then load these 100 rupees into your simple PayPal account.

You will receive a confirmation email of the 1000 free internet offers when you join Telenor take advantage of this deal.

Telenor’s free internet gives you freedom

To make use of a no-cost net on Telenor sims, download your freedom application from the Google Play Store. Now start the app and click on connect. The VPN is now active and the free internet starts is limited to the internet. To gain unlimited internet access to test the trial, click here. You can now enjoy unlimited internet access for free. Only use this trick with no balance.

Telenor Free 2GB Internet For WhatsApp

All Telenor customers are able to use the free WhatsApp on their mobile. Telenor offers 2GB of free WhatsApp information to customers. complete details are below

  • To sign up for this offer, make a call to *247#
  • 2GB data allowance for WhatsApp
  • There are no costs associated with this deal
  • It is valid for one month
  • to check remaining data dial *999#

Telenor’s free 5gb internet 2023

When you dial this number, you will be able to access 5GB of free internet on your SIM. complete details are below

  • Write message 1 and then send it to 71381
  • you’ll get 5GB of internet-connected data
  • There are no costs associated with this deal
  • This offer’s validity is for 7 days

Telenor’s latest 4G sim internet free code

Telenor will be welcoming new users by offering free data. When you purchase the new SIM, you will get free 1 MB of internet. Here are all the information.

  • To join this service on your SIM contact *954#.
  • There are no costs for this deal.
  • You’ll receive 1000MB of free data.
  • The duration of the offer is for one week.


Telenor offers a variety of innovative methods for customers to benefit from the no-cost Telenor unlimited internet service. If you’re a subscriber from Telenor then you are able to benefit from the internet tricks that are free and are described within this post. By downloading various applications like my Telenor sky VPN, my Telenor, simple paisa which we’ve explained through the proxy settings we can benefit from the no-cost Telenor unlimited deals.

For any queries, you can leave a comment below. You can also forward this article to your acquaintances.

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