Telenor Free Internet Code 2023 (Daily 10GB Free)

The 2023 version of Telenor Free Internet Code get 10GB with “My Telenor App” first installation. This offer is for customers with prepaid SIM customers only.

Are you using a brand recent Telenor SIM card? If yes , you’re set for 10,000MBs of data for the fastest 3G/4G device with the highest validity. These MBs are the reward that subscribers will receive when they first install the Telenor App on the Play store.

These MBs will be active for 7 days and there are no activation fees to utilize the data. But, you are able to utilize these MBs across all websites at no cost.

Telenor Free Internet Code 2023

At the beginning of New Year, each telecom operator has new options for users of the internet SIM users to enjoy daily free data. You can use up to 10GB (10,000 MBs) for free. For more details, refer to the following procedure.

Telenor App Free Internet

The steps you must follow to receive free internet for the duration of a week. We’ve given you the steps step-by-step in the following article:

  • Buy a new Telenor SIM
  • SIMs must be prepay type
  • Insert SIM into mobile
  • Connect your mobile and activate the SIM
  • Download the play store and connect “My Telenor App”
  • Congratulation! You’ve received a complimentary 10GB internet reward.
  • The 10,000 MBs be in effect up to 7 days (1 week) on the SIM.

My Telenor App Gift

The offer of 10,000MBs is only available to new users at the time of their first application installation. The offer is valid with only one SIM card once in a lifetime. So if you buy the latest Telenor SIM then you will be able to get free internet using this offer.

Weekly 3G/4G

10GB of data that will be provided for the first SIM purchaser will work with any 3rd or 4th generation 3G and 4G mobiles. Thus, you’ll get the chance to experience the fastest internet speed on Telenor new SIMs for a period of days.

Terms & Conditions
  • The verification of biometrics is mandatory when purchasing the latest SIM.
  • New SIM owners can purchase it through Telenor stores or franchises.
  • You can pick the items of your preferences from the store.
  • Telenor MBs will be valid for 7 days . after that, the MBs will be expired.
  • Click here for more information including information and FAQs.

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