Ehsas Program 8171 Web Portal (احساس پروگرام 8171 ویب پورٹل)

Ehsaas tracking pass gov pk 2023 deatils available on this page. The Prime Minister launched the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program on April 1, 2020, in the context of the economic hardships experienced by the vulnerable due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The financial assistance for the 8171 Easel 2023 program under the program aims to help them buy food rations so that they do not go hungry.

The Sensation Program covers more than 15 million families. 14,000 per family, total budget of Rs. 203 billion. The SMS campaign is the entry point for identifying these beneficiaries. To check eligibility for emergency funds,

people can send their CNIC numbers of 8171 ehsaas 2023 to 8171 through April 19, 2020. To facilitate applicants, a web portal for emergency cash request/registration to check eligibility has also been developed.


It should be noted that Dr. Sania Nashtar announced that the number of beneficiaries of the Ihsas Kafalat 2023 program will increase to Rs. 14,000 (increase of 13,000 rupees from February 28, 2023)


SMS Ehsaas 8171 is available to check your CNIC online and find out the status of Ehsaas Kafalat 2023 for Rs. 12,000 batches. You can check your eligibility for the Ehsaas Kafalat 2023 program by sending your Computerized National Identity Card (NCIC) number to 8171. You will receive four types of responses from the Ehsaas 8171 SMS service:

#1: If you are eligible for Ehsas Kafalat 2023, you will receive a letter asking you to collect Rs. 14,000/- (previously 13,000 rupees) from Ehsaas Payment Centres. There are exciting payment centers spread all over the country. In addition, you can receive your payments through ATMs of Bank Al Falah and Bank Al Habib.

#2: Families who cross a certain poverty line in the Ehsas survey will receive a letter of disqualification. Only the poorest families are eligible for the Ihsas Kafalat 2023 Program.

#3: Some people will receive a message that you are taking the test. These people will receive a final reply message after the survey is completed.

People who have not yet been surveyed will be asked to wait for the survey team. These individuals can also visit the nearest Ehsas Registration Center to register for the Ehsas Kafala 2023 Program.

Those who are required to contact the district administration (via SMS) can register themselves in the application/registration web portal without visiting the office until April 19, 2020.

Ehsaastracking pass gov pk 2023 – How to Register/Apply Online for Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program 2023-12000.

When will be Ehsaas Cash Amount Received in 2023

  • How Many Person from a Family can get Ehsas Emergency Cash
  • How to Send SMS on 8171 for Eshas Emergency Cash Program
  • How much Cash will be distributed in ehsaas program to each family
  • Who deserve in ehsaas emergency program
  • Who are not eligible for ehsaas program
  • How to apply online for Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

Ehsaastracking pass gov pk 2023 Tracking

Ehsas Emergency Cash Program Payment Process – Ehsas gov pk 2023 Tracking Card Updates Emergency Cash Program 2023

Ehsaastracking pass gov pk 2023 The Government of Pakistan, Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program has decided to provide financial assistance to more than one million families. The total budget for the program is 150 billion rupees. Under this programme, each family will receive 12,000 rupees.

In the first phase, the 4.5 million families registered in the Kafalat program will receive their emergency cash.

In the second phase, which begins next week, another 3.5 million eligible families will receive emergency cash assistance.

In the third phase, starting from the last week of this month, another 4 million eligible families will receive emergency cash.

If the parents, husband or wife are eligible and have passed away, then because of this situation, a method of filing an appeal has been put in place to facilitate the family.
Payment procedures have been developed for individuals who have problems with biometric fingerprint verification.

Individuals who received push messages but did not receive assistance due to unavailability of funds in their old Payment Center account are asked to return to the nearest Payment Center. Payments are now made easier.

8171 Rhsaas Program 2023

Eligible persons who reside in a city other than their ancestral region can obtain guidance from our tax offices regarding receiving assistance from their current region.
Government employees, their spouses, taxpayers, car owners traveling abroad, and makers of executive ID cards.

Those whose monthly cell phone costs are more than 1,000 will not be included in the program under nadra’s data analytics.
Those who were unable to submit an application under 8171 to receive assistance must wait for the Ehsaastracking gov pk 2023 registration office to open in their area.

Once the office is open, you will be able to enroll yourself in other programs of Ehsaastracking pass gov pk 2023. In addition, the District Program for Registry Offices will be launched soon.

Ehsaastracking gov pk 2023 digital payment system will be used to transfer money to people. To make the process of handing over funds to eligible persons more clean and transparent, all payments will be made through a full metrics verification system supported by NADRA’s 8171 ehsaas 2023 program and banks.

Ehsan digital payment program must be used to transfer money to people. All payments will be made through the biometric verification system in cooperation with the 8171 ehsaas program 2023 NADRA and banks to make the disbursement of funds to eligible beneficiaries more transparent.
Thank you Imran Khan

The right of the worthy belongs only to the worthy, and it is also in their hands directly with feelings. The regular payment of Ehsaastracking gov pk 2023 corridor for the Emergency Cash in Bail program started today under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Karuna Relief Package.

In the first stage, people who are already registered will get a full payment of Rs. 12,000, and the second and third classes will be officially launched within a week.

No discounts should be made. If someone pays less than 12,000 rupees, file a complaint.
Help send a message to 8171 to the only eligible person in your street/neighbourhood. Send the ID number of any member of his family to 8171. If you are eligible, you will receive a reply message regarding receipt of Rs. 12000/-.

Try not to deprive any worthy or undeserving person from eating the money of the oppressors.

Rs 12,000 will be distributed to each eligible family from the Ehsaastracking pass gov pk 2023 programme. Thus, a total of Rs 144 crore has been allocated to the Ehsaas emergency programme.

Who deserve in Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

In the emergency Ehsaastracking gov pk 2023 daily wage earners who are beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Scheme will benefit from the Ehsaastracking gov pk 2023 emergency program. In addition, one thousand BISP beneficiaries will be added and a total of 3,000 beneficiaries for each month will receive an advance payment for the duration of four months.

How to Send SMS on 8171 for Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program in 2023

Through the above link, you can check the eligibility of your 8171 ehsaas 2023 program and if you are found to be eligible, you can proceed with the registration.

Registration through SMS 8171 with 2023 ehsaas emergency cash program.

Send the CNIC without dashes to 8171 from a mobile phone, and you will likely receive three possible responses,

1: Eligible,
2: Not eligible
3: Contact your district management.

Follow the step and register for emergency cash system Rs 12000.

First of all, Enter Computerized National ID Card Number in Ehsaas PASS, and check as shown in the image. If you qualify, a new form will open, and you will be asked for the following information. Fill in this information as.

  • Complete Name
  • CNIC#
  • Work/Occupation
  • Address
  • District
  • Tehsil
  • Active Mobile Number

In the event that you receive the message, contact the administration of your region. In addition, you can check the data from the web portal of this program through the link below Ehsaastracking pass gov pk 2023

The following people will not be eligible.

  • Those who do not have the correct 8171 ehsaas program 2023 CNIC.
  • Current and former government (federal or provincial) employees and their spouses.
  • In the recent past, they traveled abroad.
  • Those who are registered in another relief scheme under the federal government.
  • Those who own property.
  • There are utility bills of more than Rs. 10,000
  • Those who have mobile bills worth Rs 1,000 or more. 1,000
  • Those who have a passport or have applied for themselves and their spouse.
  • Three or more family members took advantage of CNIC with executive fees.

Who are not eligible for Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

  • People who work in government, have traveled abroad and have business.
  • The people in their wealth bucket will be determined. For this purpose, the government will require the State Bank of Pakistan to provide data for this purpose and in some other way to check the various departments in their district if they are working or not working for the government.
  • Ehsaastracking pass gov pk 2023 mainly focus on people who live below poverty line and are paid daily and daily bets are affected in lockdown and cannot get wages.

Below are the 8171 ehsaas 2023 program persons who are not eligible for the emergency cash ehsaas program.

  • All Pakistani’s except who are
  • Government employees
  • Utility bills are more than 10,000 rupees
  • Owner of any vehicle
  • If the husband or wife is government employees
  • The mobile phone bill is over 1000 per month
  • Foreign tours


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How we can receive Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program in our city.?

Following are the points where you can collect rupees 12000 of Ehsas Emergency Cash Program as.

  • HBL Connect,
  • Bank Al-Falah,
  • Easy Paisa
  • E-Sahaulat Centers of NADRA.
  • Any designated place mentioned in SMS

How Many Person from a Family can get Ehsaas Emergency Cash

Only one family member (meeting the criteria) can get 12,000 rupees in cash from the Ehsas Cash Emergencies

When will be Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Amount Received

After verification, the amount will be notified by 8,171 messages for the Ehsas 2023 program.

Can I Get amount on my Father Name or other family member?

If you are found to be ineligible, you will be notified by 8171 ehsaas program 2023 SMS, and you can send a loved one to 8171 ehsaas program 2023 CNIC

The payment process within the framework of the emergency cash program starts from Thursday: Dr. Sunni
The online portal for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Application is now open for verification of eligibility. Those who are required to contact the district administration (via SMS) will now also be able to register here without visiting the office:

A link to check eligibility and for the Ehsas 8171 Program 2023 Registration in the Ehsas Program

Ehsaas Tracking 8171

Sensation 2023. The interaction is straightforward and simple and you can get the data you want in just a few moments. So to find out your National Identification Number (NIN) or regardless of whether your name is in the NADRA dataset,

then, at this point, be sure to take a look at this new help today. It’s fast, useful and the best part is that it’s completely free! So don’t stand still – visit Ehsas and get started today.

8171 Check Online 2023. How do you know if your National ID card has been approved or not, CNIC Online Check In 2023 |

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program is the second largest social welfare network in Pakistan, with assistance worth Rs. 12,000 given to people affected by Covid. This is a respiratory disease that has so far claimed 12 lives.

Ehsaas ID Card CNIC Check Online 2023

In 2023, people who have difficulty confirming the unique mark will continue to receive cash payments. This game plan is especially suitable for people who have suffered a lot during the Corona emergency.

How can we verify CNIC registration online in Ehsas program in this way? This post will guide you through it little by little. We must investigate this. Assuming you are equipped for this program but are having issues with your unique mark confirmation, you may be paid if you complete the Ehsaas structure.

Dr. Sania Nishtar’s instructional video on Ehsaas 8171 web-portal

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