Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

There was once a time when a two-wheeled car was a major thing. Nowadays, being a bike is expensive and sportsy bike is an emblem of coolness.

On one hand regular bikes are mostly used intended for everyday use while on the other, sporting bikes symbolize power, speed and torque as well as an elegant appearance to the riders. The sports bike is a symbol of the fast-paced world.

Nowadays, there are many options available for sports bikes. Check out the following list if your dream of owning one of the top Indian sporting bikes is set becoming an actuality!

Top 10 Sports Bikes in India

It contains some of the most well-known two-wheelers that sport a sports-category now available on the market across the nation. To make it simpler for you to look at we have outlined them basis on engine, price design, style and color.

Let’s take a look the beautiful and stylish world of bikes:


This brand new model of Kawasaki Ninja was launched in 2020. It’s a new face for Kawasaki’s Ninja family. It’s elegant and sporty. The bike will come in a single version.

It sports sharp edges LED headlamps, which provide this bike with an aggressive appearance. These headlamps that are aggressive fit perfectly with the Ninja name. The weight total of the new Kawasaki Ninja is 196 Kg.

This back-seat of the Ninja version has been constructed to provide more comfort. The seat’s height is low and allows your feet to stay level easily.

The clip-ons have a high height, which means they allow the rider to be seated comfortably. The style, color and shades of these bikes makes them the ideal sports bicycles.

Special Features:

  • The engine was developed to handle the real world (real road conditions). It is equipped with a 649 CC engine, with a horsepower at 66.4 BHP.
  • Kawasaki Ninja has Disk brake and ABS (Anti Braking System) technology.
  • The bike is available in three colours.
  • Display of the Kawasaki Motorcycle has stunning graphics and is simple to read.
  • The retail price of the brand new Kawasaki Ninja 650 is 6 lakhs, 24000.

KTM RC 390

The KTM RC 390 sports the most fashionable style. It features a dual projector setup with a stylish design and offers a very devilish appearance to this sport bike.

It features a transparent panel. Additionally the indicators have been integrated into the mirror. Also, you can receive the sports tires that have open-cartage.

The style and color combination is fantastic, which makes it look more appealing. The levers are also adjustable. There is a back seat that resembles the cowl.

Special features:

  • It is equipped with one cylindrical coolant 373 CC engine that has 43 BHP of power.
  • The bike comes with disc brakes as well as ABS technology.
  • KTM RC contains LED project headlamps that give the bike a an extremely sinister look. Additionally, it features LED tail lights.
  • The bike is available in two colors.
  • The design of the exhaust is sharp and adds quality to the overall look.
  • It costs 2,53,479 dollars to get this beautiful bicycle.

TVS Apache RR 310

This time TVS will be introducing the brand new feature that allows you to place an orders on the TVS website for custom-made bikes. You can pick the color scheme, the performance, graphics and kit, among others.

The bike is super stylish. It is equipped with a projector LED light set up. The dual tone contrast makes it look more appealing. The fresh TVS Apache is full of elegant stickers.

The exhaust is positioned slightly higher. Additionally, the footpegs have been moved up a bit with rear setup. This can help keep the rider to sit comfortably.

It is equipped with a brass-coated, coated chain that helps protect from rust. It is available in two colors.

Special features:

  • The taillights are stylish in their style.
  • The bike comes with an instrument cluster that is astonishing.
  • The latest TVS features an engine that is 312 CC and has 33 BHP.
  • The bike comes with TVS’s smart technology, so you can connect your smartphone to the bike.
  • The retail price for TVS Apache RTR 310 is 2,47,952?.

Yamaha YZF R15 V3

Yamaha offers a huge selection of sport bikes. Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is an extremely stylish and well-known version in India. The bike is available in three distinct colours.

The bike is strong and sporty single cylindrical and fluid cooling motors. It is equipped with a six-speed manual speed transmission. Additionally, it provides an impressive mileage, making it more efficient in fuel consumption. The weight total that the motorcycle carries is at 142kg.

Its stylish design and outstanding performance, the bike has been received its owner the India Design Mark Award in 2019.

Special features:

  • The displacement of the engine on this motorcycle is 155 CC, with 18.3 BHP. It also has an engine that is petrol.
  • This sleek bike offers 40kmpl miles.
  • The bike comes with dual-channel ABS brakes, as well as disk brakes.
  • The price that was displayed in the showroom at the time of Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is 1,48.550 ?.

KTM RC 200

What if you could get an athletic vehicle that has an elegant appearance and top performance, for less than of 2 lakhs. Then, KTM sports bike is also the top sports bikes.

It is equipped with dual disk brakes which provide greater protection. It also include an anti-braking system. It features an electronic fuel-injected engine which produces 19Nm of torque.

It is relatively lightweight in weight. This framework will aid to move around with ease.

Special features:

  • It features a liquid-cooled engine that has 200CC displacement. The engine produces 25.1BPH or power.
  • This racing bike comes with six gears that can be shifted
  • The efficiency of fuel performance will provide
  • It comes with two colors – and black and
  • Prices in the showroom of KTM 200 RC start at 1,96,768.

Bajaj Pulsar RS200

The latest Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is an endurance bike that can provide you with a powerful mileage and incredible speed.

The style of the new Bajaj Pulsar is very contemporary and sharp , and gives the appearance of a more aggressive design. Beyond its looks it also has six gear transmission options.

It is equipped with a twin-projector DRL. It has dual-channel ABS technology that is an excellent safety feature. Additionally, it has Oxygen sensor. The newest Bajaj Pulsar weighs 2kg more than its older siblings.

The brand new colors with graphics, stickers, and cut-outs of the frame create a more luxurious and sporty bike.

Special features:

  • It is possible to ride the bicycle at the speed of 140 kmph.
  • The displacement of the engine in Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is 199.4 C.C. It has the capacity to generate energy at 23.7 BHP. It is equipped with an engine with liquid cooling.
  • You have the option of choosing between three stunning colors: racing blue, racing red as well as graphite red.
  • The strong engine of this Bajaj Pulsar can give a mileage of 35 kmpl.
  • The bike is capable of producing seven Nm torque power.
  • The price at the time of display for Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is 1,52,484?.

KTM RC 125

If you have a budget of less than 1.5 lakhs, then the KTM RC 125 is the ideal sports bicycle for your needs. It’s as elegant as the most expensive RC 200.

The major difference between the two KTM is the engine displacement. KTM RC 125 has lower engine power. It comes with a six-speed transmission, making it a more appropriate racing bike. It has an max velocity at 120 km/h.

As of now, two colors offered on this car. These LEDs are located in the mirrors of the back and gives it a more elegant look.

It features a headlamp with twin projectors that has a devil-like look. The contrast of colors on the bike is stunning. It is orange in color wheel that gives it a unique look.

Special features:

  • It is equipped with an 124.7 CC engine, where drivers can increase their power to 14.5 BHP.
  • It is equipped with a sophisticated braking system that improves the level of safety.
  • For such a cheap cost, this bicycle will give you a decent mileage of 38 km/l.
  • The retail price for KTM the RC 125 can be 1,48,750.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

Although Suzuki has a smaller range of sports bikes, the Suzuki Gixxer is an outstanding bike. First of all, Suzuki had done major modifications to the design.

The LED lights make this bike a sleek and sexy appearance. The bike comes in three colors and elegant color palette. This will improve the appearance of the driver.

Its capacity for torque generation can be 13.5 Nm. The major drawback of the Suzuki Gixxer engine is; it is equipped with air-cooling technique instead of superior liquid-cooling technology. The maximum speed of this motorcycle is 127 km/h.

It was awarded the Autocar Award of 2020, its sibling 200CC received it the most prestigious motorcycle that year.

Special features:

  • Gixxer SF has a single cylindrical, five-gear manual transmission 150 CC engine, which will give your bike a great performance.
  • Gixxer’s fuel capacity for its tank can be twelve liters.
  • This Gixxer sports car offers 45kmpl miles.
  • This bike is capable of producing the power at 13.4 BHP.
  • The price that was displayed in the showroom for this Suzuki Gixxer SF is 1,26,385? It’s a high-end motorcycle at this price.

Honda CBR 605R

Honda has done an amazing design. The look of this sporty bike is very appealing. Its dual and powerful headlampsstickers, the rim tapes and the color contrast makes it attractive and cool. Its light sources are LED and make it look sinister. appearance.

The engine was created by Honda. Therefore, you can confidently be confident in on the quality that comes from Japanese engines. The engine has an amazing sound.

They are a bit higher and are set more to the rear which allows the rider to sit comfortably, especially during long rides.

The Honda high-end motorcycles, both the style and quality of finish is top-of-the-line. The seats are comfortable , and the pillion seats are usable.

Special features:

  • It comes with a powerful engine. Its engine displacement has been set at 72CC and the power output of the engine is 85.82 BHP.
  • It comes with it’s four-cylinder engine that makes the bike look more expensive and the sound is impressive too.
  • As a precautionary measure the vehicle has dual channel ABS brakes. There is also an adjustable traction control system.
  • The price at the showroom is approximately 888,290.

Ducati Monster BS6

Ducati was established in 1993, however within a couple of years, the company was faced with financial difficulties. In the present, more than 30 years more later, Ducati is stands for the most popular bike in the world.

Ducati has gone through a variety of improvements to its design. The new Ducati Monster is significantly lighter than its previous bikes. Additionally, the new Monster is extremely tiny. It’s also the the lightest bike.

In the section that is at the tail there is the possibility of an up-going exhaust. On the front, there are mirrors as well as fancy LED indicators the most crucial TFT display. These features make this bike stylish and luxurious.

The bike was test on an F1 race course. It has a tiny fuel tank. It weighs 18kg less than the bikes before it.

The rider is riding a bicycle which is very enthusiastic to play.

Special features:

  • Ducati has the highest engine with a displacement that is 937 cubic centimeters. This engine can create an output of up to 96 BHP in its peak. time of its highest performance.
  • The braking performance is excellent. It is equipped with two disc brakes.
  • The retail price for Ducati Monster BS6 is 10,99,000.

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