PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta download on Android devices

PUBG Mobile 2.1 is now available as a free update for all players on Android and iOS devices! In addition to bug fixes and performance enhancements, the update includes new map Lazy Links and a new game mode, Scavenge.

The Lazy Links map is a small but dense island with plenty of hiding spots and cover. The objective is to find and scavenge items from the surrounding areas to build up your own base.

PUBG Mobile 2.1 is now live on the App Store and Google Play! This new update includes a host of new features and bug fixes, so be sure to check it out if you’re playing the game on your mobile device. In addition to all of the new content in PUBG Mobile 2.

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta download

PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play. This update includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. The list of changes can be found in the release notes.

If you’re a fan of the battle royale genre, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for PUBG Mobile 2.1 Beta. The update is currently available as a beta and includes new maps, weapons, and vehicles. The developers are also working on a new game mode called Squad Deathmatch which should be added to the game soon.

pubg mobile 2.1 beta version

PUBG Mobile 2.1 beta version is now available for download. The new update comes with bug fixes and performance improvements. Additionally, the new Season 3 Royale Pass is also now available for purchase.

The pubg mobile 2.1 beta is now available for download. This update includes a new mode, the ability to report players, and other features and bug fixes.

The new mode is called “duo” and it is a two-player team deathmatch. In this mode, players will have to work together to take down the other team. The first team to reach 100 points or the team with the most points when time runs out wins.

Another new feature in pubg mobile 2.1 beta is the ability to report players. This will allow you to report players who are cheating, spamming, or doing anything else that is against the game’s code of conduct.

There are also several bug fixes in this update.

pubg mobile 2.1 update

The first big change in the 2.1 update is a new map, called Sanhok. This smaller map is 4x4km, compared to the 8x8km maps on the main game. This makes for faster and more intense matches, as players are forced into closer quarters more quickly. The second new addition is a weather system that affects both visibility and gameplay.

Rain will make it harder to see enemies, while fog will reduce your line of sight even further. Finally, there are a few new weapons and vehicles being added in the update. The QBZ95 assault rifle and Duckbill shotgun are coming to Sanhok, while a new four-seater vehicle called the Tukshai will be available on all maps.

pubg mobile 2.1 update release date

The much-anticipated PUBG Mobile 2.1 update is set to release on January 17th. The new update will include a new weapon, the MK47 Mutant, as well as a new vehicle, the snowmobile. In addition, the update will add a new map called Vikendi to the game. This map is set in a cold, wintry landscape and features all new buildings and landscapes. The Vikendi map will be available for play on all platforms: iOS, Android, and PC.

pubg mobile 2.1 beta update download

The new beta update for Pubg Mobile is now available to download. The 2.1 beta update includes several new features and improvements, such as a new weapon, the MK47 Mutant, and a new vehicle, the Scooter. The update also includes optimizations for Vikendi, as well as various other bug fixes and improvements.

The latest beta update for PUBG Mobile, version 2.1, is now available to download. This update brings a number of new features and improvements, including the new Sanhok map.

Sanhok is a smaller map than the other two available maps in PUBG Mobile, and it’s designed for faster, more intense matches. It’s set in a lush jungle environment and features a variety of different terrain types, from open fields to dense forests. There are also many small villages and settlements scattered around the map, which can provide crucial cover during firefights.

The 2.1 beta update also includes a new weapon, the QBZ95 assault rifle. This rifle fires 5.56mm rounds and has a 30-round magazine. It’s exclusive to Sanhok for now, but it may be added to the other maps in future updates.

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