Latest PUBG 2.0 No Recoil Config file (No Ban 100%)

Latest 2.0 file no recoil for pubg (No Ban 100%) this no recoil file all Android device working without any issue and any problem

Pubg and Bgmi 2.0 No Recoil File

Hello guys! Finally, PUBG Mobile has released new update 2.0, I hope you are always up to date on your PUBG game. Today in this article I am talking about 2.0 no recoil file for PUBG and Bgmi

In this new update, PUBG is making a lot of changes within the game. On the 4th anniversary of bgmi and bgmi mobile they introduced newly updated game map and classic map these maps are awesome.

Also, PUBG Mobile is introducing a new car for its 4th anniversary. This new mountain bike really shines. Even in the future, we will see a lot of changes and improvements in PUBG.

Did you see a new change to Classic (Erangle) mode? PUBG introduces a new bridge look. They have also upgraded the classic map map (AfterMath) for all players. BGMI users should read about 2.0 no-recoil files for BGMI.

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Well, as you know, my website is the best source for hacking games and ethical hacking. Because I post a lot of content about gaming or cybersecurity.

Today I will give you the latest 2.0 masimtech no-reversion file for PUBG. With this coil, damage from bullets is also increased. This coil has nothing but great bounce and damage.

Now let’s talk about how to use the 2.0 file without masimtech echo.

The download and application process is very easy. Just follow some steps and no recoil file works properly. The link below just click on it to download this file.

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After you finish downloading the configuration, just open the internal storage of the mobile phone. Open the download folder and extract the downloaded file. When you extract the file, you get an obb file. So this is our main no-recoil configuration.

If you are interested in hacking games then you should read about Pubg and Bgmi 2.0 White body Config File 32bit and 64-bit Download. Back to our topic! How to apply 2.0 file without echo for PUBG. Also Read about Total Gaming Aka AjjuBhai Uid Number, Biography, Face Detection, Free Shooting ID, Income, Age and More.

No Recoil Config file: Applying Process

  • Extract Folder
  • Copy Obb file
  • Go to the Android folder
  • Open OBB folder
  • Open com.Tencent.ig
  • Remove old obb
  • Paste your copied file

I hope you guys understand the application process. If you are a file user, you already know about them. Remember one thing, this file is not protected. This means that there is no password for this file.

First you click on the file and make sure you extract it and there is no need for any kind of password. This file only works on some Android devices. It doesn’t work on every device but you should try it on your phone it might work.

The latest PUBG 2.0.0 update is really cool and fun. The entire structure of Al-Bahjer Garden has been changed into a pleasant land. I hope the 2.0 no recoil file will be useful to you.

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