How can I get my SIM information in Pakistan?

How Can I Get My SIM Information in Pakistan?

Before you visit Pakistan, you must know about the process to get your SIM card information. This article will explain the process in detail for Ufone, Telenor, Zong, and Jazz. Once you know how to get your SIM information, you can easily get it from your mobile carrier. There are four main steps that you need to take for a successful application. The first step is to make sure that you have your original CNIC and two to three copies of it. Secondly, you must prepare your visa for Pakistan by giving sufficient time.


If you are wondering how to get Jazz SIM information in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place. With over 59 million subscribers and an excellent customer service record, Jazz is considered to be one of the best networks in Pakistan. There are a few ways to check your MBs, and you can do so without a single charge. The first way involves dialing *99# using your dialling pad.

The next method involves calling the company’s helpline. Simply dial the number to get a customer representative to verify your identity. The representative will ask you for your name, CNIC, and connection type. You can also call your Jazz franchise to obtain the information. If you’re not comfortable with calling a live representative, you can simply send an SMS to 667. If you’re not sure which number to use, you can also call your Jazz customer service center to verify your number.


How to get Ufone SIM information in a simple way? Ufone is the third largest mobile operator in Pakistan with 25 million subscribers. It is estimated that more than 130 million people use mobile phones in Pakistan, and many people have several SIM cards. It is imperative to protect these SIMs from unauthorized use, and ensure that you never share your SIMs with others. The person who registers the SIMs is legally liable for the actions that are carried out on the SIMs.

In order to get your Ufone SIM information in Pakistan, you must have your CNIC number, original CNIC and mobile number handy. After entering these details, the operator will reply to you with the number of active SIMs registered in your name. Once you have your SIM information, you can use it to contact the customer service center. The Dailing code will cost you Rs. 1.00 plus tax. You can also check if the number you have is registered with Ufone.


It is possible to obtain the information about a Zong SIM card by sending a text message to 7911. There are two ways to do this. One way is by using a customer support number provided by Zong. The other way is by using the website of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority institution. The first way requires a valid CNIC. After getting the information, you can call the helpline of Zong to obtain the details.

To obtain the name of the owner of a Zong SIM, you can use the *8# code to find out. You can also send a text message to 667 and enter MNP in the message body. There is also an online platform set up by PTA to help customers check the identity of their Zong SIM. To check a Zong SIM number, you need to be a Pakistani citizen.


If you have lost your SIM card, you can get it back by sending an SMS to the Telenor customer service number. To do so, send an empty message to 7421. If you have the correct phone number, you will get a response with the name, CNIC number, and IMSI number of the Telenor SIM holder. If the number is unknown, you can send an empty message to 7421 and wait for a reply.

If the SIM is registered to your name, you can call the Telenor customer service number and get the owner’s name and mobile phone number. This number may charge a small fee, but it is worth it to get the information. If you are not sure who owns the SIM, you can block it by providing the CNIC or 100% working code to the customer service. Then you can find out if you’ve been misusing a Telenor SIM.

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