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3 Ways to Make a High Damage PUBG Mobile Lite Config

A High Damage PUBG Mobile Lite Config is a great way to improve your game and reduce the chances of ID BAN. The config affects your game ID and reduces the chances of ID BAN for this reason. Here are three ways to make your PUBG Lite config work for you:

Increase Hip Recoil

One of the best ways to improve your game in PUBG Lite is to increase the recoil in your hip weapons. The AKM and M762 both have high recoil, so you can adjust the recoil settings to have a more precise spread of fire. Recoil patterns are also different for each weapon, and learning to anticipate them will improve your gameplay. However, there are certain settings that you should keep in mind before making any changes to them.

Aim down sights are enabled by default. To change this setting, go to the settings menu and choose advanced. Then, enable hip fire. By default, all weapons are set to Aim Down Sights. By turning on hip fire, you’ll be able to shoot without aiming down the sights, which is very useful for close-quarters combat. Once you’ve enabled this feature, make sure to practice.

Increase ADS Movement Velocity

When it comes to picking the right headshot, sensitivity plays a vital role. Too low sensitivity may cause you to fall down first. Aiming with the correct sensitivity is crucial and requires practice. To increase sensitivity, tap the settings icon and select “Sensitivity”. Camera sensitivity affects general character motion and crosshair adjustments. Increasing sensitivity will improve your accuracy and stability.

In addition, ADS affectability controls how much weapon recoil is felt by the player and what it looks like. By adjusting this setting, you can improve your aim and reduce the flat backlash of weapons. You can also tweak your character’s development by changing the affectability settings. Changing the ADS affectability settings will allow you to adjust the point and upward force of weapons.

Increase Magic Bullet Headshot

How to Increase Magic Bullet Headshot in Pubg lite? You have probably noticed that your headshots have been getting smoother and more accurate since the update to the game. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to increase your headshots in Pubg Lite. It’s called the magic bullet tracking auto headshot config file. To install it on your phone, go to the Pubg lite config file page.

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