How To Hack WiFi Passwords In Android (6 Working Step)

How to hack WiFi passwords on Android 100% working. This article can be beneficial to you as today , in this post, I will provide you with how to hack WiFi passwords. Many are wondering what is the best way to hack wifi passwords with Android and if it’s feasible or not. The answer would be “yes”. It is possible to crack Wi-Fi passwords using Android devices using a few tools and information.

If you’ve got a robust WiFi signal close to your college, home or cafe, you’re in luck. locations, and the speed is excellent but you’re not able to recall its password. Don’t be put under stress, today’s article we will learn in this post how you can get access to the wifi password on your Android phone or PC.

How to Hack WiFi Passwords On Android 100% functional

Before we move on to the main post, I’d want to provide some important information about wifi with you. If you know it already, then you are free to skip this section.

Types of WiFi password security?

1. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

The most well-known around the globe and generally with Wi-Fi security. It is also among the least secure. You are able to easily hack devices like Wi-Fi Security.

2. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

WPA is an upgraded version WEP security. It was introduced in 2003. However, an American hacker discovered a few unusual security flaws in the WPA keys for networks. It will also make it easier for hackers to access the network.

3. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

Not least since it’s the sole WiFi connection that isn’t easily hackable. In certain instances it is possible to hack this but it requires advanced hacking abilities. If someone is using WPA 2PSK security, it might be tricky to penetrate.

Method 1: Windows Commands to Get the Password

This method can only be used to recover Wi-Fi passwords only if you’ve previously used Wi-Fi. Also, it works only in the event that you forget your password previously. To make use of the command, you must follow the following steps.

  1. Then, start by opening the Command Prompt With administrative rights.
  2. Then type in this command ” netsh wlan show profile
  3. Then you will see a menu of selection of options referred to as User Profiles They are all Wi-Fi networks to which you’ve connected to and saved. Choose the one you would like to get the password for.
  4. Now, type the following command ” netsh wlan show profile name=”XXXXXXXX” key=clear” (Replace the XXXXX with the name of the network).
  5. When new data is added Check the security settings to see what’s on the other side on the page. The text you see refers to the password for Wi-Fi which you are not using.
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Method 2: Using WPA2 WPS Router

We will now present our second method for wifi password hacking using Android.

1. First of all If your Android phone isn’t rooted then try rooting it.

2. Then download and install Bcmon This is crucial because it aids when monitoring your Broadcom chipset. This helps with pin cracking.

3. After installation, launch the application and then tap for”Monitor Mode” “Monitor Mode” option.

4. Download and install the Revere application that assists in cracking WPS Pinto. WPS Pinto that retrieves the WPA2 passphrase.


5. After installing the Reaver application, run it and then perform an on-screen confirmationthat assures you that you are not making use of it for an illegal reason, and then tap the access point or APN you wish to break. Most times you will need to confirm “monitor mode” to proceed. it will then open BCmon once more.

6. Verify your settings and make sure you’ve checked off your Automatic Advanced Settings box. “Hack wifi”

7. Finally, start the process of cracking by tapping attack. In this final step, it could take between 2 and 10 hours for cracking WPS to be successful.

Method 3: Using WPS WPA TESTER

The WPS application is a hacker of the WPS router, but it has only the most basic options. However, it’s an advanced application that hacks wifi on an Android mobiles without rooting. You can test the security of your wireless router by using this Android application.

This tool for hacking wifi works with both Rooted and Non-Rooted Android phones. This means you can easily hack the wifi password on your Android phone without rooting the phone using this application.

Method 4: Hack Wifi On Android Using AndroDumper App

Here is a different WiFi hacking tool that doesn’t require rooting Android. Andro Dumper App is the most reliable Android application that allows users hack Wifi on Android with devices that are not rooted Android devices. Follow the steps here to bypass wifi passwords:

1. First of all you must install and download the AndroDumperApp.

2. After successful installation then open the application to the Androidoid device.

3. Now press the refresh button located at on the upper right corner of your screen within the application.

4. Select the try to connect option in the pop-up, and this application discovers the password for wifi in just a few minutes.

You can test this app, in case the above applications aren’t working effectively. If you are unable to hack your wifi, then try this. hack Very Low-Security Wi-Fi.

Method 5: Hack Wifi Using Routersploit In Termux ( Latest Method )

Install Routersploit In Termux

1. Open Termux and use this command

an appropriate update and an apt update

2. now type this command

Python pkg installation

3. Now Type

package install Git

4. After That Type this command

git clone

5. Now Copy Or Enter this command

cd routersploit

6. Then type

Python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

7. Now type or Copy this


That’s it. Now Follow Our Below Steps.

How To Use Routersploit In Termux

Step 1. Install Or Clone The Repository:

1. So at first we need to copy the repository on Github by entering the following command:

2. Open your Termux App and type it in to Start The Router Sploit

sudo python3

Step 2:

1. So the module we’ll be using will auto-spawning so that we will be able to press

make use of scanners/autospawn

This should place us in the auto-spawn module. Now you may be noticing that this is similar to Metasploit and works in a sort in the same way.

2. we’re using a scanner program to identify weaknesses within the router. If you’re new to the world, you could assume that among the more popular IP addresses are You can test to connect to that.. Now, in this scenario, there must be a router which is why we enter :

show the options

3. so we can see that it’s looking for an IP address. We can type:

set as a target

and will test all known exploits against the target, and check whether it is susceptible to any one of them, and if there is a green signal will be displayed on the left side of exploits, if there isn’t any vulnerabilities, which means that it is not vulnerable, or at least in the case of routers

4. Now we can also take the router sploit method to the next step by making use of something similar to Nmap

5. After that, we must change the goal and port number.

  • set as a target
  • set port 81

6. you can also perform a Nmap scan to analyze your network and send the IP address as well as the ports that are open to the router sploit. Now we’re ready to go for it.


7. Now we just discovered a security flaw that we can exploit the exploit

8. now just have to enter:

use exploits/routers/Linksys/eseries_themoon_rce

9. now we can verify if the target is secure or not by pressing in the “check” command

10. we can see that the intended target is vulnerable, in order to exploit it , we only need to enter the code, then enter


11. Now we can determine what payload are available by entering

display payloads

12. Now we can utilize any payload that we would like to utilize,

That’s how routers could be exploited…But in your situation, the vulnerability could be different. So do not hesitate to try it with your own network.

Method 6 Hacking Wi-Fi passwords in Android using Wi-Fi Connect app

Utilizing using the WPS Connect Wi-Fi WPS Connect app you can hack Wi-Fi passwords using Android. It is compatible with root or non-rooted (Lollipop and up) phones. It is however, preferred on devices with root access mainly because of the database’s data.

If you have an internet connection with WPS security installed on Your Android device, you’ll be able to quickly connect to it without having to enter an account password. It’s called WPS Connect. WPS Connect app bypasses WPS Wi-Fi security, and allows you to connect to Wi-Fi with no password.

  • Install and download WPS Connect. Download and install the WPS Connect application onto the Android device.
  • You can enable Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone.
  • Launch the WPS Connect application and click on the scan button . This will search for all Wi-Fi networks nearby.
  • It only takes a few seconds to display the Wi-Fi networks in your vicinity and their specifics (such as security types for passwords and signal strength, etc. ).
  • Choose a Wi-Fi connection and click on the one you want to hack. A pop-up appears with an already-defined list of keystrokes (PIN).
  • Click on the key to start the hacking procedure.
  • The app tries numerous times to hack Wi-Fi by using default keys, as well as the most commonly utilized Wi-Fi key.
  • Take a couple of minutes, and your Wi-Fi password will be successfully compromised.

How to Secure Wifi Networks?

Here’s a list of ideas to ensure your wireless network is safer and more secure:

  • Modify the default passwords that are provided with the router.
  • Give access to a select group of selected and registered devices.
  • Be sure to limit the devices that can be connected simultaneously.
  • Make use of a mix of letters, numbers or special characters, to guard it against any type of attack.
  • Utilizing a Firewall will protect your network from all kinds of non-official attack.

How To Hack Wifi Password Final Words.

After reading the article, you may have realized how to hack the password to your wifi Utilizing the above methods. All the methods discussed above are working and have been have been tested by many users. Each Method is Simple to implement if you follow the steps in detail.

If you are having any difficulty Concerning any method, Feel Free to leave a comment below and we will try to solve your Issue as soon as we can.

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