Ehsaas Rashan Program Registration 2022 Apply Online

Ehsas Rashan Program 2022 begins registration on the Madad portal. The online application method with the registration form link and information about the Ehsas Rashan program is on this page.

The dollar is now at its peak and essentials for the home are available at exorbitant prices. That’s why our PTI government has gone out of its way to provide support to the public. The new Ehsas Rashan program or extended program was initiated by the Pakistani government.

People are asking for basic information about the Ehsas Rashan program. Will it provide a fixed monthly amount for women or men? Or does it come with any new fixes? All these questions are in our minds and today

we have answered all these questions with their possible answer and the original link to register in this portal. Let’s get full information from this article:

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Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022

With the success of BISP and other reform programs, the supporting organizations were supported by the government financially. Hence this time PTI launched a new system (program) in which the government will provide subsidies for basic foodstuffs.

Now you can get 30% off on sugar, oil/ghee, flour and other things. This is only possible when registering on the Ehsas Rashan portal. After registration, you will receive the address of your nearest registered store where you can purchase these items at a rate of 30%.

Ehsaas Rashan Program Registration Form

This is the image and the link embedded in it that will automatically redirect you to the official form page. As the population (the majority) of Pakistanis understand Urdu rather than English. That is why this page is in Urdu, but we describe it here in English for you.

  • ID Card (CNIC) Number
  • Your regitered SIM Number
  • SIM Number must register on CNIC
  • Enter the digits present to show (I’m Not computer)
  • At the end click on “Jama Karwayen” and submit your application

In the application form there is a mandatory field in which you must fill in your data correctly. Here is a list of key terms you should provide:

Remember that Ehsas Rashan officials will contact you within three days via SMS Verification. This check will tell you if you qualify for this program or not.

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Basic information

This program will provide you a subsidy of 1,000 rupees on selected items from select stores. Hence when you enroll in this program, visit a specific general store. Always remember that this shop must be confirmed by the government through SMS and get Rs 1,000 discount on sugar, pulses and oil. NSER registration is also very useful because NSER program families will also get rashan registration easily.

Ehsaas Rashan Program Register Your Shop

Store owners who are interested in this program and want to register their store. It is a kind of assistance so that the poor can buy a monthly spray from their shop, they can register through this link.

Just click on that picture above. Provide your basic data to the Rashan program administrators. Always remember that you only need to provide your basic details and the team will review your application afterwards, and you will receive a response to your mobile SIM number early.

  • Full Name
  • CNIC Number
  • Phone Number
  • Provide SMS Code
  • Enter Shop Name
  • Adress of your shop
  • Select province of shop
  • Now select city/tehsil of shop
  • Nearest National Bank of Pakistan
  • Bank Name (Shopkeeper Account Bank)
  • Please Enter Bank IBAN Number (24 digits)
  • Submit this application and wait for officials response

Registering a store for Ehsas Rashan is easy but it can take some time. See more details and links of all in one through the single window portal here. Hence the store owner has to wait 3 to 4 days for any response from the officials within a week.

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How do I register for Ehsas rashan program?

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