Ehsaas Program 2000 – CNIC SEND SMS to 786 For Registration

Ehsaas Program 2000 – Send SMS to 786 For Registration

The finance minister has issued a new instruction for the Ehsaas Program. You can enroll online at 786. Send SMS to the code 786 to get the registration code and cash Rs 2000 for the family. You should verify that you have the family ID card number. This program is only for the female members of the family. In order to sign up for the Ehsaas Program, you must pay Rs 2000.

Ehsaas Program 2000 CNIC SEND SMS to 786

The Ehsaas Program 2000 is the latest government initiative to register the poor and needy. It is part of the PM relief package 2022. It allows the poor and needy to register online for a one-time fee of Rs. 2000. For more details, visit and get more information on the new government initiative.

To register for the Ehsaas Program 2000, you must have a valid CNIC number. SMSing your CNIC number to 786 will get you an enrollment code. This code can then be used to register online for the program. You will be issued a CNIC number once you have registered for it. Then, you will receive a monthly payment of Rs 2000 via your phone’s mobile number.

Registration required

The new enrollment code for the Ehsaas Program 2000 is 786. This code has been given by the finance minister Miftah Ismail. The new code will automatically register you into the program. You can enter your ID card number and any word other than “CNIC Number.” You will receive monthly payments for your subscription to Ehsaas 2000. The previous program distributed around twelve thousand deeni per year and fourteen at once.

The government of Pakistan has announced a new relief scheme called Ehsaas 2000. The program is designed to provide low-income families with 2000 dollars a month. The income must be less than 40% of the federal poverty line. You must live within the boundaries of Pakistan to be eligible. To receive an SMS, simply send your CNIC number to 786. Once you’ve sent the SMS, you will receive information from the center.


The PML-N government has introduced a new scheme for poor people and destitute people to get Rs. 2000 per month. This program is for poor families, whose income is not more than 40k per month. The CNIC number is needed for registration. People who qualify for the program will receive the money through the exchange cycle. The CNIC code 786 is required for registration.

If you are a household head lady and want to register for this program, you will need to submit the CNIC number of your family. The CNIC is the number on the identification card and should have dashes or some other word, such as “Kafalat” or “BISP 2000”. Ehsaas 2000 will begin on the first day of June 2022, and the program will be called Kafalat 2000, 786 Program 2000, and BISP 2000. Ehsaas 2000 is being offered through official centers of BISP and Ehsaas. The registration will be monthly, similar to the Ehsaas 12000 program.

SMS to be sent

To be eligible for the Ehsaas Program 2000 cash, you should be a poor family with an income below Rs 40,000 per month. In order to apply, you need to send your CNIC number to 786. Once you have registered, you will receive regular SMS updates from the PM office regarding your eligibility for the program. If you are registered under the Ehsaas 2000 cash scheme, you will receive information from the center and its centers.

The government of Pakistan has launched a program called the Ehsaas Program 2000. This scheme aims to provide cash to the poorest families and is part of the Ehsaas Kafalat program. The aim is to alleviate the high inflation burden on needy families. To apply, a male family member must send their CNIC number to the phone number 786. The government will check whether or not you are eligible for the program and will then send you cash of Rs. 2000 every month.

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