best free unlimited vpn for android 2023

Best Free Unlimited VPN For Android

If you’re looking for the best free unlimited VPN for Android, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compared ProtonVPN, Windscribe Free, Hotspot Shield, and Opera VPN to see which is the best option. If you’re looking for an app with a decent amount of bandwidth, ZoogVPN is a solid choice. Its five servers across Europe and Asia give you a wide variety of options. The desktop apps are compatible with UK streaming services, but we were disappointed by the free Android app’s geo-blocking on Netflix. Despite the generous 10GB allowance, ZoogVPN wasn’t able to circumvent geo-blocking on Netflix.

Windscribe Free

While it may be tempting to download a free VPN app to test its capabilities, you should think twice. The free version of Windscribe includes a limited number of servers, so it’s not a good idea to download it without thinking about how much data you’ll need. On the other hand, the premium version features unlimited data and access to servers in more than 60 countries. The free plan also has a few limitations, but overall it’s worth trying.

The free version of Windscribe is easy to install and doesn’t take up much space on your device. It also offers a large data allowance and a strong customer support team. Premium users can access over 600 servers located in 50 different countries, with a choice of servers available only for premium members. It’s worth noting that the paid version also comes with a firewall, ad-blocker, and smart server-side blocking software.


If you’re looking for the best free unlimited VPN for Android, look no further. Windscribe VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and simultaneous connections on Android. It also includes ten countries, compared to three with most Android VPNs. Other notable features include protocol selection, split tunneling, network whitelist features, and a built-in ad blocker. And while you’re free to try out any server, we highly recommend Windscribe.

This free service has multiple servers, and it is based in Switzerland, which protects your information under EU privacy laws. Unlike other free VPN apps, ProtonVPN does not log your information and does not engage in targeted advertising or profiling. It supports Windows, iOS, and Mac and allows up to ten devices to connect at the same time. Its free trial version also gives you unlimited bandwidth.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Although the paid version of Hotspot Shield VPN is among the best on the web, the free version is just as popular, if not more so. The free version is limited to five gigabytes per day and fifteen gigabytes per month, although the latter is one of the more generous limits. As such, Hotspot Shield isn’t the best free unlimited VPN for Android.

The application is free to download, but you will need to enter your email address to get started. TunnelBear offers free servers in 49 countries, but it is not consistently compatible with popular streaming services. Hotspot Shield VPN offers more countries than any other VPN on the market and is well worth the price. In addition, Hotspot Shield VPN offers no logs policy, which means that all of your online activity is anonymous.

Opera VPN

While Opera VPN is one of the best free VPN for Android apps available today, there are several things to watch out for. It doesn’t encrypt your torrent files or banking apps, and it doesn’t provide kill switch protection. And while it claims to provide unlimited bandwidth, this isn’t enough to do much. Opera VPN also doesn’t have a secure tunneling protocol, which is a crucial component of a good VPN.

Despite the fact that the free version doesn’t require any sign-up, Opera does collect some user data. And while this isn’t necessarily a security issue, the intrusive logging policy may give the authorities a way to trace your activity. Still, Opera’s lack of sign-up requirements may be a plus if you don’t care about privacy or security. If you’re concerned about these concerns, however, you should use a safer VPN app.


When it comes to free unlimited VPN for Android, ZoogVPN wins hands-down. Their platform is incredibly powerful, and the encryption used is very strong (128-bit for free plans and AES-256 for their premium plans). This means that you don’t have to worry about your personal details getting out or being tracked by your ISP. The only information ZoogVPN does keep is your email address. In other words, they don’t sell your email address!

Their encryption is solid, and they have several languages. And if you’re not comfortable with English, you can install their desktop apps and connect to a server in Poland. If you’re looking to unblock UK content, ZoogVPN is a great choice. And, if you’re looking for a free unlimited VPN for Android, it’s easy to download and use, with no restrictions on how much data you can use.

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