Auto Headshot Aim Assist Config File 2.0 Download

PUBG Mobile Auto Headshot +High damage + Magic Bullet config file | GL+KR+bgmi. It provides Better Aim assist as compared to without config

PUBG Mobile update 2.0 is now live for iOS and Android devices. The newest update comes with new content, fixes, and map changes. Players can now also upgrade their weapons and armor with the sniper rifle.

The 4th Anniversary Celebration themed gameplay is also included. There are more changes in the PUBG Mobile 0.9 update, which are described below. It will be released on Friday, March 18 at 00:00 GMT.



  • 🔥»BULLETTRACK 360°
  • 🔥»AIMBOT
  • 🔥»NO RECOIL 100%
  • 🔥»CAR FLY

antenna magic bullet auto headshot

The antenna magic bullet auto headshot cheat can make your game a lot easier. This hack makes shooting much easier. When you fire a shot, the bullet will go directly to the closest enemy. And if you have a rooted device, this cheat will work just as well.

This hack also works on android devices. However, you need to be careful with this hack. It can give you bad results. So, use it only if you are certain that you can trust it.

high damage config pubg mobile global

If you’ve ever played Pubg Mobile Global or Lite, you probably know that you can increase your damage and headshot by editing the config file. The config file can help you hit more headshots and make more kills,

and is also used by many pro players. Here are some steps to become a pro player: 1) Copy the config file onto your device, then double-click it to open it.

pubg no recoil config file

The PUBG no recoil config file is a 15-kilobyte XML file that will allow you to disable the sensitivity setting in game. It’s completely safe to use. You won’t have to worry about your phone getting banned

if you use this file. It’s available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices, so no one will be able to tell if you’re using an anti-ban app.

auto headshot aim assist config file

Aimassist is an app that helps you take headshots on your enemies. But you can do so without a cheat code. All you need to do is install the Free Fire headshot config.

It will increase your accuracy by 50% and calibrate the Auto headshot. If you have this app installed, it will work in all game modes. This hack also works with all kinds of gun skins.

pubg mobile aimbot config file download 2023

The Pubg Mobile aimbot config file download 2023 is a tool that will help you to dominate the game and win every game. This hack will allow you to shoot people at high speeds and will increase your chances of hitting a headshot.

This cheat works on all maps and will work on any device. You can download the config file by clicking on the “Download Config” button and extract it. Note: There are a few restrictions when it comes to using the Pubg Mobile aimbot, so make sure you are safe before you try it out.

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