8171 Web Portal BISP Program

8171 Web Portal BISP Program

The 8171 Web Portal BISP Program is an initiative to bring mobile phone services to Pakistan’s rural areas at affordable prices. BISP is supported by the National Database & Registration Authority (NDRDA) and the PTA. The program targets women and their families, who are among the most marginalized in society. By providing these services to them for free, BISP hopes to reduce the digital divide among Pakistani citizens.

BISP’s 8171 SMS service is provided free of charge to users

The BISP’s 8171 SMS services allows beneficiaries to receive free SMS messages from BISP. Beneficiaries can check their BISP check balance online using the BISP Web Portal. By using the BISP 8171 SMS service, they can confirm whether they are eligible for COVID verification or AGP.

By using this service, beneficiaries can check if they are eligible for Ehsaas Kafaalat by sending their 13-digit CNIC number to 8171. After receiving the message, beneficiaries will be notified of their eligibility. The BISP 8171 SMS service is also free for users of BISP’s Web Portal.

BISP’s 8171 SMS services are provided to BISP’s Web Portal users for free. They are available anywhere in Pakistan. People who are eligible for the program must text their 13-digit CNIC number to 8171 to get the information they need. In addition, they must have an income of at least 20,000 rupees.

If you are interested in applying for Ehsaas, you can send your National Identity Card number to 8171 to receive the application form. This service is not available for men. It is designed for women and is only open to women. The program is aimed at reducing extreme poverty and giving women more power. The Web Portal also provides free support for the Ehsaas Cash Program.

It is backed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)

PTA is backing the 8171 Web Portal, a platform that will enable users to send free SMS to the BISP. As of March 2017, over 27 million households have been onboarded. Over four million debit cards have been biometrically issued to the beneficiaries. The BISP Program is available through the following presence mediums: Smart Card, Mobile, Debit Card, Money Order, and Web Portal. For further information, please visit the BISP Web Portal.

BISP is made up of two components: the unconditional and conditional. The unconditional component, also known as Kifalat, enables cash transfers to beneficiaries who are eligible to receive them. The government will match these payments up to a certain amount, which is why 93% of BISP recipients have access to branchless banking accounts. As the BISP program scales up, the government has also partnered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to provide mobile phone services in rural areas.

It is for women and their families from the country’s poorest families

The BISP program is a social welfare scheme that targets the poorest families in the country. It aims to reduce extreme poverty and promote women’s empowerment. The program also targets children and women, who are disproportionately affected by gender inequality. Since it targets the poorest families, the BISP registration process is now available online.

The BISP program has many benefits. Women can access health care, education, and food assistance. This scheme also includes free household furniture and other essential household items. The beneficiaries will also receive cash assistance. If they don’t want to go to a bank to get money, they can use the 8171 Web Portal. To make use of the 8171 SMS service, eligible households can text their CNIC number to the SMS code 8171.

BISP’s core programme is the Unconditional Cash Transfers Programme (UCTP). This is a government initiative that aims to give poor people a minimum income support package. This programme will focus on the poorest families because they are the most vulnerable to future economic shocks. With this program, women and their families can receive emergency cash if they experience an emergency.

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