Top 5 Best Free Fire Characters To Use In Ranked Mode OB33

Choosing the right characters can give you a lot of advantages in the rated Free Fire MAX mode. Check out his article to find out more.

After Garena’s overhaul in OB33, the rated character’s personal identification has changed dramatically. As characters like Maxim and Crono fall off the map, new and improved characters like Steffie and Kenta are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, will show the top 5 Free Fire characters to use in OB33 rated mode.

1. Shirou

Ability: Damage Delivered (passive)

  • When an enemy hits the user from a distance of 80 meters, the attacker is tagged for 6 seconds (tagging is visible only to the user). First shot at marked enemies has an extra 100% armor penetration, CD 10s.

Shirou’s ability gives players important information when they are under attack. This, in turn, allows them to either effectively retreat or retaliate. On top of that, this ability also has an active ingredient that works well in shooter duels – if players use high-damage weapons like DMG, their shots will be greatly enhanced.

2. Alok

Ability: Drop the Beat (active)

  • Creating a 5-meter aura increases movement and running speed by 15%. Also restores 5 HP/sec for 10 seconds. 45 CDs. The effect cannot be stacked.

In general, the active Alok ability is a “one size fits all” skill that players can put together if they don’t want to pursue any build in particular. The ability is powerful, versatile, and useful in most combinations and situations.

It’s also a great team skill, as the whole team can gather in the same place to replenish HP.

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3. Nairi

Ability: Ice Iron (passive)

  • Deployed Gloowalls will restore 30% of their current durability every second upon damage. Damage increased by 25% when using AR on Gloo walls.

Since Nairi’s ability is passive, it is fairly versatile and can be combined with any skill in the game. The effect is quite powerful – unless enemies go out of their way to destroy the Gloo Wall in one blast, the entire wall will recover in just a few seconds.

The second element of ability is also very useful. An additional 20% damage will allow you and your team to focus on enemy walls. Nairi is sure to see frequent use in high-ranking games, with Gloo grenades scattered all over the place.

4. Skyler

Ability: Riptide Rhythm (active)

  • Unleash a forward sonic wave that destroys 5 Gloo Walls within 100 metres. 40s CD. Also, every Gloo Wall deployed will result in 9 HP recoveries. Recovery effects do not accumulate.

Overall, Skyler remains one of the most popular picks a team could have at OB33. In team-versus-team battles, players with Skyler’s skill can tear down all the enemies’ walls, allowing the team to move forward unimpeded.

5. K

Ability: Master of all (active)

  • Max EP increases by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Allies within 6 months get a 500% increase in EP conversion rate. Psychology Mode: Relive 3 EP every 2 seconds, up to 250 EGP.

K ability effectively grants players an unlimited amount of EP/HP regeneration. This allows them to save medkits for later uses, and free up slots for other items. The best part is that team members can also enjoy a portion of the skill bonus.

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